Our Newport Story





When I started, I just wanted to come to the world of fashion from a fresh perspective.  

In the beginning, I was painting a lot of the fabrics used in the collection, which required massive tables, and space was not easily available in New York City.  So my husband and I moved out to an old farmhouse in Rhode Island.

I had no idea at the time, but the women of Newport and their families are extremely sophisticated fashion clients.  When they found me, they knew immediately what to do with me, so it just evolved from there.  They passed my name along to their friends, and the company and brand just grew from that.  

Never did I imagine that a demi couture label could launch from a place like Newport, RI.  But in so many ways it was the absolute perfect place to begin.  Now, we travel quite a bit and are in NYC as much as Newport, but I will always have a very special love of Rhode Island. 

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