Growing into 2015



Isoude began as such a simple concept.  Create beautiful clothing for interesting women, and enjoy the process.

What started as a little atelier on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, has grown considerably and in 2015 we'll be making some moves to accommodate our growth.  We will be moving our production hub  from our Newport location to New Bedford, MA.  For those of you who have been to our little atelier I am sure you have noticed that we were running out of room so we are very excited about our new production space.

We will maintain an Isoude shop in shop at 142 Bellevue in Newport, RI with the help of our dear friend Marc Streisand of Marc Allen Fine Clothiers.  Marc hosted Isoude's first even trunk show in Rhode Island in 2008 and has been an incredible supporter ever since.   Please come visit to meet Marc when we reopen in March- wonderful items for men and of course we will have courtyard cocktails at the start of the summer season to celebrate.  The Newport location will be closed in January and February for renovations, but we are still around for client appointments and fittings- just email us at

How so much has happened to us over the last five years, I'll never understand, but am truly amazed and thankful.  Of course this all happens because of the incredible group of women that support us each season.  As the collection grows each year, so does our relationships with our clients.  Isoude is so much more than making clothing, it is a relationship and a community of women that is beyond inspiring. 

So please join us for our new journeys in 2015- Our new creative content offices in New York,  production in New England and as usual, will be hopping around to visit our lovely clients around the country. 


Autumn Winter Photoshoot

For the Autumn Winter Collection designer Kate Brierley drew her inspiration from her favorite

museum in NYC, The Neue Gallerie.    Inspired by the museum's focus on early 20th century
German and Austrian Art, Kate looked to the work of Gustav Klimt and his protege, Egon Schiele.
As figurative artists they explored the realm of female sensuality. The photoshoot took place 
at a private residence in Newport, RI.  And the owner's dog made it into the shoot.  


Spring Inspiration

 When Isoude designer Kate Brierley opened her windows for the first time last spring, the newly warm air wasn’t the only thing she let in.

“Lying there, I started thinking about rhythms. Spring was coming and I became very aware of my circadian rhythm and I could literally hear the earth coming alive,” Brierley recalls.

Those ideas became the starting point of Brierley’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. She turned to Australian artist Emily Green to help turn those ideas into designs. Together, they came up with a brushstroke-dotted print that appears numerous times in the collection on avariety of pieces, including gowns, jumpsuits and sheath dresses. Meant to represent the ascending and descending aspects of the circadian rhythm, the print appears in two forms: a bright multicolor and a blue. The former is a nod to the rise of rhythms from dawn to day and the latter the fall of day to night.

“There’s a purity to it, a childlike wonder to it,” said Brierley of the print. “It’s not overly wrought, not ironic, it’s so pure.”

For Brierley, the strong influence of a print was a new element to her design process.

“This is the first time I’ve started a collection with a print, where the story began with a visual cue versus a structural one.” Allowing for that kind of open-mindedness, according to Brierley, is a key component of her design process.

“The process is always changing: How some people get in the mood for a certain type of food, I get in the mood for clothes and design,” says Brierley, who studied at both RISD and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. “I try to be very relaxed and open to accept where the inspiration is coming from. If you try to overthink, it never comes out right.”

That process has paid off in the growing success this latest collection has already seen. Two Isoude gowns -- a blue ombre print and an orchid hue -- were featured on Town and Country’s website and Brierley is already working on additional iterations of the featured print, including an embroidered version that a client recently scooped up solely based on a sketch hanging on her studio wall.

Brierley says her customers, who range in age from eighteen to eighty, tend to be “patrons,” who are drawn to design with an artistic bent.

“I think that our clients really appreciate things that are special and well-made. They have an intuitive sense of collecting.”

RI Monthly, Courtney Coelho

Eating in the South




When visiting Birmingham, Alabama, the home to our stockist Plain Clothes, a visit to Highlands Restaurant is always a must. Highlands, the award-winning restaurant, has become a staple of refreshed Southern Cuisine. Since 1982, Highlands has been highly regarded by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Bon Appetite magazine, just to name a few, for its French- inspired Southern fare. The regulars at Highlands range from the Mayor of Birmingham, William A. Bell to businessmen and women in head to toe designer suits to doctors still in their scrubs.
This warm and amazing atmosphere is made possible by the one and only Frank Stitt, who is the owner and executive chef. At the age of just 28, Stitt worked tirelessly to get Highlands to where it is today. The hard work sure did pay off, because Stitt is the recipient of multiple James Beard Awards, the Southern Foodways Alliance lifetime achievement award, as well as having his restaurant ranked 5th in the nation by Gourmet Magazine’s 50 Best American Restaurants. These are few among the long list of accolades Frank Stitt and Highlands have earned over its 32-year history.
 One of the best features of the restaurant is the extensive wine selection Highlands curates, to accompany each course to perfection. The wine of choice for the recent Isoude visit was a recommendation by Stitt himself. Not only matching the repast but also the upcoming Autumn Winter 2014 Isoude collection he suggested two Austrian wines from the vineyards of Domäne Wachau and Johannes Hirsch. The Domäne Wachau was a 2012 Grüner Veltliner, a type of Austrian wine. Domäne Wachau is one of the most renowned vineyards in Austria and the Wachu region is the most prestigious wine region in Austria. The 2012 Grüner Veltliner, has notes of white pepper and gooseberry as well as a slight hint of yellow apple. It’s very balanced and subtly spicy at the finish. The second wine is a 2011 Hirsch Riesling Zöbing from the Kamptal region of Austria. The Zöbing is full of character with a medium acidity, light yellow color and tart citrus and celery seed notes.
 The Highlands experience is unlike any other and the opportunity to meet the world renowned chef, Frank Stitt is one that will never be forgotten. Highlands restaurant is a quintessential destination for all who visit Birmingham. 

Our Newport Story





When I started, I just wanted to come to the world of fashion from a fresh perspective.  

In the beginning, I was painting a lot of the fabrics used in the collection, which required massive tables, and space was not easily available in New York City.  So my husband and I moved out to an old farmhouse in Rhode Island.

I had no idea at the time, but the women of Newport and their families are extremely sophisticated fashion clients.  When they found me, they knew immediately what to do with me, so it just evolved from there.  They passed my name along to their friends, and the company and brand just grew from that.  

Never did I imagine that a demi couture label could launch from a place like Newport, RI.  But in so many ways it was the absolute perfect place to begin.  Now, we travel quite a bit and are in NYC as much as Newport, but I will always have a very special love of Rhode Island.